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Welcome to Vantage Lighting


Please ask for our new elec­tronic LED cat­a­log
fea­tur­ing 1100–8000 Lumen fixtures

Van­tage Light­ing

Energy Star Certification

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All 2000 Lumen LED prod­ucts Series A-VPLED-20– (in 27, 30, 35 and 40k)
with SCL trims (please con­tact Van­tage for addi­tional infor­ma­tion).

New prod­ucts… LED MRI… Hi Lumen fix­tures using
Bridgelux mod­ules up to 8000 Lumens

Syl­va­nia and For­timo Gen4 Mod­ules with excel­lent LPW and CRI  

All Van­tage LED Fix­tures from 4″ to 10″ are avail­able
for old work or retro­fit applications.


Dec­o­ra­tive Series

V LUNA Series Web 2

The LUNA Series cylin­der pro­vides a soft glow and a
clean archi­tec­tural statement.


V Saturn Series Web 2

The SATURN Series cylin­der adds a splash of color into a room.
Glow­ing light dif­fused by frosted opal glass.


V Vandal Resistant Web 3

Van­dal Resis­tant fix­tures pro­vide an attrac­tive yet secure
solu­tion for your high-abuse light­ing needs.



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